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Time Tracking Software

Empire TIME™ offers the industry's best value for a powerful, financially robust solution at a competitive price, and unmatched ease of implementation. In its 15 year history, ET has been seamlessly integrated with most major enterprise resource management software solutions.

Project Financial Management:
• Configured and customized through simple user interface.
• User-defined reporting with export to Excel™ and PDF.
• Financial Sophistication: ET can be a GL sub-ledger, offering a true multi-currency solution and 'one-click' financial period closure.
• Revenue sharing between internal cost centers.
• Integration with enterprise systems including Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP, PeopleSoft, and many others.
• Speed up your project financials: ET's sophistication allows faster billing, financial period closures, and revenue recognition.
• Fast Implementation.
• Improve billing of overruns.

Time and Expense Tracking:
• Intuitive, customizable user interface with high user acceptance track record.
• Multiple platforms (web, remote database, client).
• Auto-population of project assignments and holidays.
• Automated import of American Express™ expenses.
• Capture of expenses in multiple currencies including value-added tax details.
• Email notifications
• Overtime and personal time off tracking
• Access to project documents.
• Approval console for managers.
• Workflow portals.
• Automated import of employee costs.
• Automated exports to payroll systems for expense reimbursements.
• Increased user compliance.
• Faster billing due to immediate financial valuations of time and expenses.

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