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Resource Management

Empire Resource™ offers a simple to use yet powerful resource management solution that may optionally be integrated with ET's project expense management solution.

• Robust resourcing application.
• Financial evaluation of scheduled assignments.
• Hourly or FTE Mode
• Comparison of schedules to actuals.
• Flexibility to support your organization's security and data access requirements.
• Customizable color-coding.
• Resource searches by skills, experience, and more.
• Resource assignments to timesheet and Microsoft™ Outlook.
• Unlimited definition of skill proficiencies and levels.
• Skills gap analysis reporting.
• Performance evaluations.

• Standardize the scheduling process by leveraging a single application and a shared data source.
• Quickly meet complex resource demands.
Time management to maximize productivity.
• Instantly inform employees of their project assignments.
• Gain financial control by seeing the financial impact of assignments and actuals.

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